Spartan Total Warrior (2005)

Audio Director | Composer | Post-Production

I experimented on Spartan: Total Warrior by combining electronic music with orchestral elements.

Some of the songs were written by James Vincent as well. The wicked sound effects and ambience were by Richard Vaughan.


  • liam kear January 23, 2021

    Such an amazing work of art, lot’s of respect on this project!!

  • Term January 15, 2019

    Hey, Jeff. Loved what you did to this game’s music; it really is very memorable and I find it one of my tunes to listen to on repeat every year!

    I know that you have uploaded all of ’em in Youtube but is there any chance it will be uploaded somewhere else or buy the soundtrack online? I just fear that YT may have compressed your audio or something (did it? Just want the full quality).

    Anyway, just a very newbish question. And thanks once again!

  • 12smoke4 April 4, 2018

    loved your work, my favorite was ”the storm breaks”

  • 12smoke4 April 4, 2018

    So, any plans on ever uploading the tracks, which aren’t up right now, such as: Half Of Time, Magic Ghosts, Sandy Ghosts, Tunnel Ghosts, Sparky Killed?

  • Danubio March 21, 2018

    Thank you, Jeff, thank you! Just look at how well remembered your work is!

  • Themistocles February 20, 2018


  • Jeff van Dyck February 17, 2018

    I finally uploaded the songs, see the YouTube playlist link at the top.

    • Drathoneus March 2, 2018

      oh my god thank you!!!!

  • Themistocles February 1, 2018

    hi Jeff, l’m a big fan! could you plz tell me where to find the spartan score, if it’s up? Thank you vey much!

  • plz, OST? July 30, 2017

    Come on man, upload OST plz?

  • Daniel June 20, 2017

    Please put the songs back specially military funk, archies gona die and barbarians soundtrack, please jeff i like your songs put them back

    I want a remake of this game

  • EnriGamer May 19, 2017

    Hi, i want to know where i can find the soundtrack Military Funk of Gates of Saturn level, i really love that song and Talos it´s amazing

  • danny May 12, 2017

    Hey jeff i luv your soundtrack especially the sountrack called military funk you don’t mind create a download link so i could download.I really must have that soundtrack i love it so much but i could not find it anywhere in the website.

  • It gives me nostalgia when I listen to the main menu track April 26, 2017

    please put the songs back this is the only place where we can find the soundtrack, please jeff upload the songs again
    It gives me nostalgia when I listen to the main menu track

  • love your music tho February 21, 2017

    So, “Can you take those down please? I will put the songs up somewhere soon.”
    It seems you only said that so he would take the songs down, you only reply to people who want to make your songs public. I understand you dont like if they put your songs public without you making any profit from it. but i see no point in removing it. at least put it online for sale, why hide it from everyone?…
    It’s very rude of you to claim that you’d put them online somewhere and then just remain silent, it just shows you only care about the copyright and you only claim to put them online to shut them up.

    Also, “I think i’m just gonna pirate the game, rip the soundtrack off the ISO, then upload the music with no credit.”. While that might be wrong, it’s literally the only way to access the music. Just put it up for sale, make a profit from it. i’d buy it..

    Love the music tho, that’s probably why i’m typing this..

  • Mark Germain February 19, 2017

    Cool, since you’re not going to upload the soundtrack again, can you at least point us out a way to buy it? There is no way to listen to all these songs without you releasing them.

  • Nemesis 21 January 5, 2017

    So it’s not that good for your fans and for people that like what you did in that game, to delete all the soundtrack that we could find here. Thankfully I have already saved many of the songs, but I feel bad for the people that can’t hear it. I don’t understand why you want them to be deleted but as soon as you have published them this cannot happen.

    • Themistocles February 3, 2018

      could you plz email me epic strin v1

  • bigtorng December 5, 2016

    Where are the songs for Spartan total warrior?

  • Spartan December 5, 2016

    Where are the songs for Spartan total warrior?

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