Spartan Total Warrior (2005)

Audio Director | Composer | Post-Production

I experimented on Spartan: Total Warrior by combining electronic music with orchestral elements.

Some of the songs were written by James Vincent as well. The wicked sound effects and ambience were by Richard Vaughan.


  • TundraMeadow November 24, 2016

    Where I can listen to the song???
    Btw, great work on the OST <3

  • João Vittor Da Silva September 25, 2016

    Where Songs ?????????

  • i want spartan total warrior 2 September 25, 2016

    put the songs back

    PD: sorry my english

  • Guy That Likes Your Music September 14, 2016

    Jeff can you please tell us what happened to the songs? Where have they gone? Really hope they come back soon 🙁

  • "I will put the songs up somewhere soon." July 23, 2016

    When is soon! I miss the great masterpiece you made!

  • Anthony July 21, 2016

    Please, put the soundtrack back on somewhere!

  • Alexander June 30, 2016

    I cannot seem to find the soundtrack here.

  • How do I get this spectacular soundtrack ??

  • João Vittor Da Silva June 19, 2016

    How do you get the soundtrack of this game ? The sound and fantastic track !

  • Mateus Santos June 17, 2016

    where can i listen to Blasted Glass and Archie’s Gonna Die?

  • hi. i do not know how to speak English i went up a few songs to youtube but not as they are called . I you give me a list of original names please. my channel

    • Jeff van Dyck May 21, 2016

      Can you take those down please? I will put the songs up somewhere soon.

      • No more music? May 22, 2016

        Please, put the songs back, this is the only place where you could get the soundtrack for this game

      • Thanks Jeff May 25, 2016

        Big thanks to you Jeff 😀

      • You lie. July 17, 2016

        Been months, where’s the songs?

      • Anonymous October 27, 2016

        I think i’m just gonna pirate the game, rip the soundtrack off the ISO, then upload the music with no credit.

        • Jeff van Dyck October 28, 2016

          That’s not very nice. Threatening me doesn’t really make me want to help you.

      • Anonymous October 31, 2016

        We obviously not and i sincerely apologize for doing so. It does however, seem to be the only way to get a response from you, I mean its been over 5 months since your last post, I understand you’re busy but can you at least say something on the status of the music?

  • GiannisZ16 May 1, 2016

    Where are the songs? If it is easy put them back 🙂

  • Fantastic!

  • Great job , great!

  • What happend?! April 7, 2016

    NOOO this music was magic, where did it go?

  • WHYYYYYYY? April 6, 2016


  • Mark Germain April 2, 2016

    Where are the songs? Did you take them out? Where can I find them? This is the best modernized ancient Greece battle soundtrack and now it’s gone.

  • badjass February 21, 2016

    the tracks seem to be gone or am i missing something? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • skyler February 2, 2016

    Hey Jeff, when I came to listen to your soundtracks for spartan total warrior the playlist is gone for some reason. Why is that?

  • skyler February 2, 2016

    Hey Jeff, I came to listen to your soundtracks for spartan total warrior but the playlist is gone. Why is that?

  • Spartan January 26, 2016

    Quick Question; have you ever played Spartan Total Warrior? is so do you think they should make another?

  • John Z21 December 4, 2015

    Hey jeff, I can’t find that song in 3:47 Please help me whenever you can :))

  • AcerDaniel July 22, 2015

    Hi there 😀 I’d like to know how can I get these soundtracks on mp3 format. That way I could listen to them all the time while outside. Thank you Jeff for caring about your fans out there!

    • LilDogReacts August 6, 2015

      you can download them in your on a mobile device, that’s what i did.

  • RuSS1anRus1an June 29, 2015

    Hey, Jeff, I want to say HUGE thanks for uploading all the songs. I remember a year ago there were not as many sounds. But now this is the full collection.

    You’re amazing, thank you again.

  • john June 26, 2015

    I can’t find the song that plays at the beginning of the level in Athens… Where Spartan finds and talks to Archimedes

  • We Want Spartan Total warrior 2 May 27, 2015

    How come i cant find the soundtrack that starts off right when u start the mission “Gates of Saturn?” during the cutscene

    • Jeff van Dyck May 29, 2015

      The reason you can’t find it is I didn’t put it up yet 🙂 I’ve added it to the bottom of the playlist. Took me a while to find it though, had to dig through the archives.

      • NinNinja May 29, 2015

        Thanks! even though it may be short its still awesome!

      • WHYYYYYYY? April 11, 2016

        Where did it go? 🙁

  • Rare February 27, 2015

    Hello Jeff, it’s nice to see the full version of all these tracks from Spartan Total Warrior! Do you by any chance have the music when you level up the Spartan or the music of Pollux’s death?

  • Wyvax February 22, 2015

    Hello Jeff. First I’d like to say that all your work for the Total War series is phenomenal, (fatasizes leading an army to “Time And Again”). Definitely some of my fav soundtracks. Last summer I was able to download the music to Spartan just as easily as I still can for Rome now, but I’ve a new phone and had to redownload, but sometime around the early fall the Spartan page is different (more music!!!) But I have no idea how to get it downloaded back onto my phone again. I managed to download a file twice but each time it did so improperly and I believe it was a WordPress file so not the song anyway. I hope I’m just really stupid about tech right now, but I miss Death n Destruction playing in my pocket while in a LARP melee. Can you please help me out?

  • Mellatalo January 8, 2015

    First off great soundtrack! What are the tools or programs used to make it? If you don’t mind sharing 🙂 most of the songs sound orchestral to electronic with a bit of ethnic in them, that I like.

  • 12smoke4 November 24, 2014

    Did you compose the track that sounds here : , at min 11:38 while Leonidas says that “looking for weak spots” thing ?

  • Unknown November 24, 2014

    Do you have the track that sounds here , at 11:38 when Leonidas says the weak spots thing ??

  • Aziel October 5, 2014

    thank you mr.dyck

    your songs are ROOOCK!!!

  • Jay September 14, 2014

    What was the track playing during the first barbarian ambush??

  • Marc July 29, 2014

    Thank you for uploading these tracks Mr. van Dyke! I remember long ago playing this game and I never forgot the epic missions and the awesome soundtrack that went along with it, so thank you very much sir.

  • Epicness June 28, 2014

    Please , can you upload this particular track —-> ???? Thanks

  • Eddie June 6, 2014

    You do a good job with Soundtracks like this Haven’t you Thought of combining it and making a soundtrack and selling it on companies like La-La Land,Intrada etc.

  • Aziel May 6, 2014

    and one more…please upload the song when you fighting againts the barbarians…Thank You Mr.Jeff Dyck

  • Aziel May 6, 2014

    Please,I Beg You,Upload the Song When The Hydra Master Head Appear,In The Level “Sentinel”

  • Mario Magalhaes May 5, 2014

    Awesome soundtrack!! A great game needs a great soundtrack, and you really did a great job. Could you please upload the athens song? Thanks!

  • Daniel April 16, 2014

    I really loved this soundtracks would you please upload more music from the game. It was just awesome that I still listen to it most of the time.

  • Mike February 14, 2014

    I absolutely loved the soundtrack to this game, but there are other tracks I’d love to listen to that aren’t included here and moreover, I’d REALLY like to add them to my ipod’s playlist to listen to while I workout. Is there any way I can achieve this?

  • 12smoke4 December 18, 2013

    I almost forgot to ask you for one last favor … Do you have the track that plays on the “Gates of Saturn” level ?? It’s not uploaded either , and that’s my second most replayed level because of that one track

  • 12smoke4 December 16, 2013

    Hello! Can ANYONE give me the track that plays during the first level (while covering the sappers) since it’s not posted here ??

    • Jeff van Dyck December 16, 2013

      I think that song was called Battle Drums…I’ve just added it 🙂

      • 12smoke4 December 16, 2013

        I can die in peace now … Thanks 🙂
        PD: You wont imagine how many times i replayed that level just for that track

  • Riuji December 3, 2013


  • Tompelda February 20, 2013

    This Game was awesome but the MUSIC made it the most epic game I ever played Thank you for your wotk 🙂

    • Tompelda February 20, 2013


  • rhett January 29, 2013

    did you compose the credit song. if so how can i acquire? 😀

    • Airin Ame June 16, 2013

      i can give it to you i was looking for that song and i finnaly get it
      if you still interested send me a PM

      • Jeff van Dyck June 28, 2014

        I think there were two songs in the credits…Super Sapper Man and Undead Ballet. These are up now.

  • Dmitry November 15, 2012

    Succulent, everything is caresses to my eardrums.

  • Miguel July 16, 2012

    Your work is absolutely amazing. I know that there was more music in the game than the ones you have above though, do you ever plan to upload the rest?

  • Nigel May 24, 2012

    Thank you,thank you, thank you for putting this great music available for mobile phone. If I ever have to fight a bunch of people to the death, this is what I will listen to

  • Misiek October 18, 2011

    Hey Jeff
    Believe me or not but I’m interested deeply in both electronic and orchestral music, and in my opinion this complete soundtrack is the best mix of that both genres I’ve ever heard, I listen to it regularly for like three years.
    Well, it’s definitely not a common idea, but I think results are both really interesting and great to listen 😉
    Thanks for that small masterpiece 🙂

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