The Heavy Lounge

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Heavy Lounge was a Canadian heavy prog cartoon jazz rock band. The members were Darren Sleno (Drums), Robin Steen (Bass), Saki Kaskas (Guitars) and Jeff van Dyck (Keys).

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  • denis March 25, 2016

    The links are down. Can you please put them back on? Thanks!

  • Jan Steen July 15, 2013

    Yeah, and the Drummer and Bass player were no slouches either. I think that is ‘Robin Steen’ (SP) on Bass? What a loss to modern ears. Wish there was a fund to send groups like that to do some major gigs, or at least videotape them doing their songs and make available on Utube! (Now Yer Talking Heavy Lounge!)

  • denis June 6, 2013

    Yeah, amazing quality of the 90’s! Probably the most creative songs ever heard on a band! Saki Kaskas was simply the best at guitars! His talent is also prooved on the iconic Need for Speed series! And Jeff, one of the most amazing keyboard player of all times! This was good music!

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