Sled Storm (1999)



  • Arkadiy Kvashuk October 29, 2015

    Oh, I remember playing Sled Storm. It was an unforgettable experience, in part due to absolutely terrific soundtrack. I remember quite well our favourites were track 1, 6 and 7 (being Rob Zombie’s “Dragila”, “Sweet Baby” and “That’s Grouse” respectively). Only “That’s Grouse” presented here is unfamiliar to me (the one I remember is listed here as “Sled Storm Song”). And what are the other three? Are they the ones that didn’t make it into the game (which is a shame, because they are as terrific as the two I know)?

  • Matt (D) Miller November 30, 2012

    I had Sled Storm in my basement since 2000 and I never knew that my favorite composers produced music for it!

    I’m gonna go grab my PlayStation and the disc and start reliving my childhood RIGHT NOW!

  • Harry AA May 25, 2012

    hey JVD,

    I’m LOVING the Sled Storm soundtrack – it’s been a really nostalgic experience to listen to the music once again (I occasionally find myself having flashbacks of in-game screenshots, amazing how the music triggers such pleasurable memories!).

    Now, on behalf of my brother, I must ask you whether a certain musician known as Buckethead was/still is one of your influences in producing these ‘heavy riff rock’ tracks? If so, then that gives him closure in seeing the similarities between his work and yours, and if NOT then firstly I encourage you to check out his discography (his album Funnel Weaver might be a good place to start) and secondly I would have to ask you what other influences you had in making the soundtrack? I really want to get my hands on more musical material similar to what is found within the game, being a passionate fan of the fusion genre of hard rock/electronica 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Jeff.

    Cheers and keep it up!

    • Jeff van Dyck May 28, 2012

      Hi Harry,

      Sorry I hadn’t heard of Buckethead before you mentioned them. I gave it a quick listen and think they sound pretty cool. I have a vast number of influences that are quite wide ranging. As a kid I listened to the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Police, Toto, Don Grusin, Level42, Depeche Mode, Oscar Peterson, Thomas Dolby, Ralph Dyck, various classical songs from piano lessons, and most of the popular music of the 80’s. In the 90’s I started listening to NIN, RATM, Frontline Assembly, AC/DC, Metalica, Live, and most of the grunge stuff out of Seatle (Nirvana etc…), which ended up influencing most of the stuff I did for EA Sports.

      Thanks for your message 🙂


  • Nelson R January 4, 2012

    i still have sled storm and i love the soundtrack especially your tracks. keep it up

  • Daniel K. October 11, 2011

    I heard your music first time on sled storm years ago. Since that I’ve always wanted more of it, but no one makes this hard rock techno as great as you do. Do you have more of it? You see, I’ve heard all the sled storm tracks a thousands of times and still LOVE IT!!!

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