Medieval II Total War (2006)

Audio Director | Composer | Post-Production

This was an amazing looking game, the artists captured the true grit and weight of medieval battle. It was inspiring to compose music that matched the brutality and epic scenery.


  • Yigit February 27, 2024


    Thank you for all your amazing work. I can’t describe how much your music means to me and thousands of other people.

    I’ve been watching a japanese animated series called Ergo Proxy which came out in 2006 and I noticed they used the same gregorian choir sample you’ve used in Medieval II’s “Time and Again”. You can hear it at around 01:03 in this video.
    This has led me down a rabbit hole trying to find the source of this sample. I saw a comment asking about it and you’ve replied to it saying you got it from an audio library. I know it was years and years ago but I thought I’d take my shot and ask you if you have anymore hints about it 🙂

    Thank you again for all the memories. Your music is immortal.

  • Igor February 17, 2024

    Dear Jeff, I don’t know if you still read comments here, but thank you for this amazing masterpiece of a gaming soundtracks, it is definitely one of the best ever made. Every decision just hits the right spot, selection of instruments from harp to lute and to bagpipes, energetic rhythm section (of course you are a drummer), harmonies, choirs, beautiful voice of your wife of course. I come back to the game from time to time just because I remember how good this OST is.

    • Jeff van Dyck February 17, 2024

      I do still read the comments 🙂

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