FIFA Soccer ’95 (1994)

Audio Lead | Composer | Sound Design

This was the last FIFA game before I moved to the NHL team – this was probably the best sound I was able to get out of the Genesis/Megadrive. By this stage we were really pushing what the machine could do. It was originally designed to only place one sample at a time, but Kevin Pickel found a way to make it do four, albeit at 11khz mono 4bit.

This is also the game where I came up with idea to have celebration sounds on the controller buttons after you score 🙂


  • Thiago Lisboa July 20, 2023

    For me one of best soundtrack in games! With celebration i remember to irritating to much my brother after a goal! The technical history about soundtrack is so amazing. Waiting sometime see a video with you Jeff talking about it!. Thanks a lot for all your works!

  • Pedro November 3, 2021

    When I played this I was surprised how the menus and the sound were so “modern” – I was used to World Cup Italia 90 :p
    The celebration choices were fun at first, but would become indifferent once the novelty was gone.

    Was this soundtrack released in physical support or streaming/download?
    I sometimes listen to it on youtube, still sounds great.

  • Nelson February 14, 2020

    Hi Jeff,

    Your work was simply awesome and amazing on Fifa!!!
    And your idea was brilliant!!!
    We’re putting voices on the sounds.


  • SaviourV January 7, 2014

    I think the songs from this game deserve a remix or two. Especially the intro song, and one other that I know too well.

  • Gabriel Sigillo June 4, 2013

    The videos don’t work 🙁

    Anyway, I found them on youtube. Those songs are AWESOME, I may be playing one of them with my band someday, I’ll let you know.

    Good luck!

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