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Kotaku Best Game Music of 2011
Total War: Shogun 2

Jeff van Dyck was back for Shogun 2, and he’s been steadily building the accolades for the powerful Japanese-themed soundtrack that accompanied the game. Kotaku have given us a warm-glow-inducing commentary on their “Best Game Music of 2011″ feature, waxing lyrical about the atmosphere Jeff’s soundtrack stirs in the air.

“Shogun 2 draws you into the Sengoku period of Japanese history until you’re up to your eyeballs in it”, they said, “giving you a sense of being and place that most other strategy games can only dream of.” High praise indeed.

Kotaku go on to say, “the end result is a soundtrack that, if you close your eyes, not only transports you back to 16th century Japan, but perfectly conveys the scope and scale of the Total War games themselves”.

A massive pat on the back from the whole studio to Jeff. He absolutely deserves it for the tireless hard work and relentless talent he exhibits with every soundtrack he writes.

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