Unpacking (2021)

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Unpacking is finally out! It has been a blast working on this game with my friends at Witch Beam. The reaction has been unexpectedly huge! Seems like a lot of people like chilling out and putting stuff away and learning about a character you never see.

Musically this was a lot of fun to work on, as I felt like I had sort of come full circle from back when I started writing music for the Genesis/Megadrive. Albeit, I think I’ve learned a few things since 😉 Combined chiptunes with acoustic instruments has an awesome vibe to it that people seem to enjoy. Wren Brier, the creative director on the game wrote a lovely melody and lyrics for the credits sequence too.

We also went to town with the sound design and recorded a LOT of foley for the sound of moving items around. Luckily my wife Angela did most of the work on this and made my life a lot easier to focus on the game in general. Check out this tweet that went viral…

It was humbling having another sound designer who I didn’t know give us a shout out like that. Very cool to see a lot of people react and show their appreciation for the amount of audio detail we put into the game. There’s also a good article here that goes into more depth.

I’ve also released the OST!

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  • Matt Miller June 27, 2023

    Not only is the game a must-play, I’d argue the soundtrack itself is a must-buy as well!

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