Total War : The Fall of the Samurai (2012)

The Fall of the Samurai

Building on the success of Shogun 2, CA released ‘The Fall of the Samurai’.

The game contains the original Shogun 2 music. As it progresses and your clan modernises, the music becomes more westernised. I combined orchestral instruments and melodies to enhance the feeling of the westernisation of Japan.

Duty Calls

Ebb and Flow

Fudo Myo March

Uncle Samurai

So there have been a few people asking why there are v2 versions of some of the songs in Fall of the Samurai. What happened is that the v1 version of the songs are the first version that came to me when working on the songs. After submitting the songs to CA, and shortly before release, they decided that they thought those songs sounded too western and “midi”. So, I went through the songs and tried to make them more Japanese sounding, resulting in the v2 versions. What we hear in the game that shipped is v1, but then these were replaced with v2 in the day one patch via steam. These files are for those who liked the the v1 version. Personally I like both, as I think CA was correct in pointing this issue out, but that I was also correct in my initial concept of Japan becoming westernised.

A Change of Heart v1

Call of the North v1

Rock and a Hard Place v1

The Harvest v1

The Last Drink

The Sun Bird v1


13 comments on “Total War : The Fall of the Samurai (2012)

  1. Awsome game Music you made Jeff
    I think you are the reason that these games are so awsome 😀

  2. I love “Attack of the West” but it’s relatively short length does not do justice to its epicness :p. Perhaps you can do an extended version on your spare time?

    • Also, the Fall of the Samurai soundtrack is an amazing mix of your previous work with your Shogun themes. The way you were able to mix the Japanese instruments with the orchestral themes created a very appropriate score that represents the feel of time period in which the game is set.

  3. Duty Calls is such a nice tune. It’s a nice blend of japanese and cinematic/western music. It’s also epic and serious, yet it’s still hopefull and lighthearted. A good theme for the battle loading screen imo.

  4. Quick thanks from France ! Great Job, really. The music give a real feels during the game … I look foward Rome II !

    Other Total wars was a good music, but Shogun II it’s the better OST I heard. I think Rome II can will be better :).

    And I’m not only to think that.
    Very good job.


    P.S : I apologize for my English

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