75 comments on “Spartan Total Warrior (2005)

  1. Hey Jeff
    Believe me or not but I’m interested deeply in both electronic and orchestral music, and in my opinion this complete soundtrack is the best mix of that both genres I’ve ever heard, I listen to it regularly for like three years.
    Well, it’s definitely not a common idea, but I think results are both really interesting and great to listen 😉
    Thanks for that small masterpiece 🙂

  2. Thank you,thank you, thank you for putting this great music available for mobile phone. If I ever have to fight a bunch of people to the death, this is what I will listen to

  3. Your work is absolutely amazing. I know that there was more music in the game than the ones you have above though, do you ever plan to upload the rest?

  4. Hello! Can ANYONE give me the track that plays during the first level (while covering the sappers) since it’s not posted here ??

  5. I almost forgot to ask you for one last favor … Do you have the track that plays on the “Gates of Saturn” level ?? It’s not uploaded either , and that’s my second most replayed level because of that one track

  6. I absolutely loved the soundtrack to this game, but there are other tracks I’d love to listen to that aren’t included here and moreover, I’d REALLY like to add them to my ipod’s playlist to listen to while I workout. Is there any way I can achieve this?

  7. I really loved this soundtracks would you please upload more music from the game. It was just awesome that I still listen to it most of the time.

  8. Awesome soundtrack!! A great game needs a great soundtrack, and you really did a great job. Could you please upload the athens song? Thanks!

  9. Please,I Beg You,Upload the Song When The Hydra Master Head Appear,In The Level “Sentinel”

  10. and one more…please upload the song when you fighting againts the barbarians…Thank You Mr.Jeff Dyck

  11. You do a good job with Soundtracks like this Haven’t you Thought of combining it and making a soundtrack and selling it on companies like La-La Land,Intrada etc.

  12. Thank you for uploading these tracks Mr. van Dyke! I remember long ago playing this game and I never forgot the epic missions and the awesome soundtrack that went along with it, so thank you very much sir.

  13. First off great soundtrack! What are the tools or programs used to make it? If you don’t mind sharing 🙂 most of the songs sound orchestral to electronic with a bit of ethnic in them, that I like.

  14. Hello Jeff. First I’d like to say that all your work for the Total War series is phenomenal, (fatasizes leading an army to “Time And Again”). Definitely some of my fav soundtracks. Last summer I was able to download the music to Spartan just as easily as I still can for Rome now, but I’ve a new phone and had to redownload, but sometime around the early fall the Spartan page is different (more music!!!) But I have no idea how to get it downloaded back onto my phone again. I managed to download a file twice but each time it did so improperly and I believe it was a WordPress file so not the song anyway. I hope I’m just really stupid about tech right now, but I miss Death n Destruction playing in my pocket while in a LARP melee. Can you please help me out?

  15. Hello Jeff, it’s nice to see the full version of all these tracks from Spartan Total Warrior! Do you by any chance have the music when you level up the Spartan or the music of Pollux’s death?

  16. How come i cant find the soundtrack that starts off right when u start the mission “Gates of Saturn?” during the cutscene

  17. Hey, Jeff, I want to say HUGE thanks for uploading all the songs. I remember a year ago there were not as many sounds. But now this is the full collection.

    You’re amazing, thank you again.

  18. Hi there 😀 I’d like to know how can I get these soundtracks on mp3 format. That way I could listen to them all the time while outside. Thank you Jeff for caring about your fans out there!

  19. Where are the songs? Did you take them out? Where can I find them? This is the best modernized ancient Greece battle soundtrack and now it’s gone.

      • Please, put the songs back, this is the only place where you could get the soundtrack for this game

      • I think i’m just gonna pirate the game, rip the soundtrack off the ISO, then upload the music with no credit.

      • We obviously not and i sincerely apologize for doing so. It does however, seem to be the only way to get a response from you, I mean its been over 5 months since your last post, I understand you’re busy but can you at least say something on the status of the music?

  20. Jeff can you please tell us what happened to the songs? Where have they gone? Really hope they come back soon 😦

  21. Cool, since you’re not going to upload the soundtrack again, can you at least point us out a way to buy it? There is no way to listen to all these songs without you releasing them.

  22. please put the songs back this is the only place where we can find the soundtrack, please jeff upload the songs again
    It gives me nostalgia when I listen to the main menu track

  23. Hey jeff i luv your soundtrack especially the sountrack called military funk you don’t mind create a download link so i could download.I really must have that soundtrack i love it so much but i could not find it anywhere in the website.

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