8 comments on “Skitchin’ (1993)

  1. Haha great job man, your Total War music is my favorite. This is awesome though too, great job!

  2. This was always one of my favorite Genesis soundtracks back in “the day.” I just want to offer my kudos on it, especially considering this was your first job as Audio Lead.

  3. I <3 this album with a cool game to play in the background…bought this game when it first debuted…

    My Fave songs are Smog Dog and Smells Like Tuna

  4. what a silly game LOL, seems like in Vancouver you drive only on the left lane and there are ramps in the freeway too! the drivers don’t notice any crazy bladers catchin a ride, how fun.
    Good work on the music, good days 🙂

  5. Where i can downloaded full OST from Skitchen` Game ??? Its very special !)
    i wanna go to rollin with this music !)))) Piece of game in real life !

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