EA Sports NHL ’99 (1998)


This was the first project I did after I moved to Australia. Saki did his usual shredding all over these songs, and I added some crazy pitch shift to a lot of the drums which gave them a strange intensity. These songs were mixed by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall back in Vancouver. I thought it was great how they used David Bowie at the beginning of the intro movie 🙂

19 comments on “EA Sports NHL ’99 (1998)

  1. Jeff,

    Check out you tube and search NHL 99 and look at the great feedback if you haven’t seen it already. I’m not a big gamer, but there are many that posted that NHL99 was the greatest sountrack in the history of video games. My angle was from 20 years of being an instrumentalist. This was great stuff. Menu4 was incredible to me. I loved the break…I remember letting that song play out and not wanting to move to another section of the menu afraid the song wouldn’t continue.

    Anyhow – great job on this effort from years ago.

  2. I would have to agree with the afroementioned youtube commenters. The soundtrack on this game fit perfectly, and I still enjoy listening to it. I’m not sure about best soundtrack in video game history, but it’s certainly one of the best sports ones, and the best one from any NHL game.
    It really is a shame that they use licenced music nowadays.

  3. 13 years after playing this game to death, it’s an absolute joy to find the music as mp3 files. Easily the best soundtrack to any game I’ve experienced… and very nostalgic.

    Great find!

  4. Incredible memories with your songs, thank you for our work!
    I would love to make an LP vinyl of them for my collection =D

  5. Found you! Holy fucking cow! I remember this playing with my brother when we were kids, and when the question came up: “Hei bro, do we watch the intro?”, the answer was always “Hell yes!” 😀 Thanks for those great pieces of music!!

  6. menu4 is the best soundtrack song EVER, i was looking for it around the net for years, so nostalgic!!!! the new nhl’s should have these kind of masterpieces…thanks Jeff!

  7. Is the download link gone? I’ve loved this awesome soundtrack ever since I was a child. I would easily pay for this, but I don’t see anywhere to get it.

  8. Jeff,

    Can you email me the mp3 of your Menu4 Song for NHL 99?

    Great song!

    I want to add it to my work out mix.



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