EA Sports NHL ’97 (1996)

Audio Lead | Composer | Sound Design | Post-Production

We used a studio called The Factory in Vancouver to record these tunes. This studio used to be called Little Mountain. The engineer was John Mclean. Drummer Jerry Adolfe slammed the drums for us. Sak wore his sinister hat during these sessions.

2 comments on “EA Sports NHL ’97 (1996)

  1. I stopped playing video games a long time ago, but there will always be some space on my mp3 player for this soundtrack, best ever, respect!

  2. This soundtrack is truly a masterpiece, yet it’s so simple. I was 10 years old when this game came out and I enjoyed playing it a lot. The soundtrack simply stunned me and was burned into my brain and sticks with me even to this day. I think back then I even recorded it on tape while the game was running in the background, so that I could listen to it with my walkman. Luckily a few years ago I found someone who uploaded the tracks as mp3.

    Thank you Mr. Van Dyck for creating this awesome soundtrack! This is ambient Metal (may I call it that way=?) at it’s best!

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