3 comments on “Battleship – Surface Thunder (2000)

  1. Loved this game as a kid; my brothers and I used to try and play the level 5 track on the piano 🙂 Thanks for putting them up here so I could listen to them again!

  2. The music for Battleship: Surface Thunder definitely seems to suit the nature of the game. The military definitely likes drums, doesn’t it. 😀
    I have a question. Perhaps you will have an answer. I have installed the game quite a few times now and, in all cases, the music for classic Battleship (“level 3”) does not loop, but the music for Arcade Battleship (the rest of them) does. Is this by design? Perhaps it is a bug or a problem with running the game on newer operating systems. I run it on Windows 7 x64. Perhaps it would not have that problem on a Windows XP host (to differentiate it from Windows XP in a virtual machine (such as Microsoft’s Windows XP Mode)). As stated in the previous comment, thanks for uploading the music. I have tried to extract it directly from the disc, but to no avail. Even extracting the music from SORRY! was difficult and took a long time. I still haven’t figured out how to extract the sound effects from Ubi Soft’s original Rayman CD-ROM. I have recorded five of them in-game, but I prefer audio extracted directly from discs.

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