PWF – Plastic Wooden Fruit

PWF was an Australian trio of Brett Evans (Sax) Jeff van Dyck (Keys) and James Vincent (Turntables). Shortly after they formed, they gained instant airplay when they won a national competition run by Australia’s national youth radio station, Triplej. They won the contest with their song “2 Bloody Sense”.


Heavy Lounge

The Heavy Lounge was a Canadian heavy prog cartoon jazz rock band. The members were Darren “Slippy” Sleno (Drums), Robin “mwhaaa” Stein (Bass), Saki “Sak” Kaskas (Guitars) and Jeff “nozehed” van Dyck (Keys).


Other Bands

There were other bands previous (and after) Heavy Lounge and PWF…

  • The Rods of Power
  • Dave Magnet
  • Omnibol
  • The Drop Dolls
  • JJ
  • Q
  • Steevee Ray Gunn
  • Tony Papa and the Theory
  • Tony and the Frogs

These bands all had their own successes and were extremely influential to my sense of music. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that was in these bands for the great memories and music that we created.

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